Leave the Home Inspection to Me!

If you’re ever going to move into a new house, it’s probably best to have it inspected first. This should be done because you may never know what issues the house has that’s going to become a huge problem in the long run. So if you ever need a quality home inspection, you can trust Pinpoint Inspections to get the job done. I inspect houses in Medina, WA. 


When Inspecting a Home

This job shouldn’t be done by inexperienced people because they might get the conclusions wrong. These can lead to incorrect solutions and can cost a lot of money. That’s why you should definitely consider hiring me to do the home inspections because I can do the job as efficiently as possible. I have inspected all kinds of houses and I haven’t given any wrong information to my clients yet. Most of them were satisfied with my work and I have given the proper assessment on what condition their house is in. If you have a house that needs a proper inspection, no need to look for another home inspector because you have me to hire for the job!


Let Me Know!

My years of experience in doing home inspections has led me to further improve my skills with this job. I always study extensively on the different issues that a house can be in. I make certain that I am able to know and understand them so that there will be no complications whenever I’m doing the inspections. When inspecting a home, I usually start by looking at the foundation. I start here since this is what holds the entire house together and problems may lead to cracks on the walls, floors, and other areas that have concrete. After that, I will then inspect the interior and exterior of the house. I will try to look for all kinds of problems like electrical, plumbing, and other things that can cause problems for your home. 


Look for Pinpoint Inspections whenever you need reliable home inspection services. Give me a call at (425) 652-3194 if you need me to inspect your home. You can also visit me in Medina, WA if you want to discuss business personally.