I Am a Dependable Residential Building Inspector You Can Trust

A home inspection is an integral part of the home buying and selling process. It can help sellers prepare for the sale, and homebuyers avoid expensive repairs later. With my extensive building inspection expertise, I will handle the analysis of your property in no time. Reach Pinpoint Inspections in Medina, WA if you need a diligent local residential building inspector.

Many customers hire me for regular home inspections that provide information on how to maintain their investment and even increase the value of the property. When conducted without careful steps, the process can take a long time. I know that your time is money, so I work as efficiently as possible. I will carefully and consistently go through all the systems and fixtures in your residence to check them for major malfunctions and problems. It includes your electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC equipment, and more. As a professional inspector, I might also need to move furniture or other items. After I analyze and test all the interior and exterior systems on your property, you will receive a detailed report with the final evaluation.

Whether you are a home buyer or house seller, taking advantage of my thorough and affordable inspection services will inform you about the condition of the residence. Many people underestimate the importance of such an assessment by a qualified and experienced residential building inspector like myself. Even if you are not going through the buying and selling processes, scheduling such an inspection will enable you to find out what your next home improvement project should be. I am available for your house analysis in Medina, WA 7-days a week.

Feel free to reach me at (425) 652-3194 if you want to talk to an inspection expert. I will be happy to share some insights about my work with you. Get in touch with Pinpoint Inspections for any inquiries and appointments.