Read More About the Property Inspection Services I Offer

Since 1997, Pinpoint Inspections has been providing both residential and commercial properties with thorough inspections and reports. If your home or business is in Medina, WA or the surrounding areas, you can have it inspected by an experienced professional. More on what I do below!

Home Inspections

No matter if it is a multi-unit condo or a single-family home, if you need an inspection for the building, I will provide it for you. I also provide permit assistance, construction & building consulting services, and lender inspections. At the end of each inspection, you get an easy-to-read report on the same day.

Home Inspector

Home Inspector

Rental Building Inspections

If you need a rental property inspected, contact Pinpoint Inspections and you will get a detailed report. I inspect all types of homes and no matter if you are about to rent or buy one, I will help you make an informed decision by providing you with essential information about the property’s qualities.

Commercial Building Inspections

In case you want to invest in a commercial property or you are looking to rent a new office space, you should first be in the know about its condition. Some things are invisible to the untrained and naked eye. That’s where I step in. Before you buy, sell, or rent your commercial building, have it inspected.

Plumbing, Electrical & Mechanical Inspections

If you are looking for more specialized plumbing, electrical or mechanical inspection of a building in Medina, WA, you won’t go wrong if you contact me. Those types of inspections take a lot more experience and require special attention to different components.

Fire and Life Safety

If you have a building that needs to get checked for life and fire safety, I am going to come with a detailed checklist and ensure all your special equipment and construction features are safe for people to use and be around. I will check for adequate ventilation, safe storage of combustible materials, and the proper function of fire protection systems.

If you are interested in having your residential or commercial building inspected by a real pro, call (425) 652-3194 and book your appointment!